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  • 标志 — biāozhì [sign; mark] 表明特征, 用以识别的记号 自杀是失败、 苦痛和绝望的标志 冠军的标志 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 标致 — biāozhi [beautiful; handsome] 外表、 风度等接近完美或理想境界, 唤起美感上的极大享受的 标致的面孔 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 表侄 — biǎozhí [nephew] 表弟兄的儿子 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Emperor Mu of Jin — (晋穆帝/晉穆帝, pinyin Jìn Mùdì, Wade Giles Chin Mu ti) (343 July 10, 361), personal name Sima Dan (司馬聃), courtesy name Pengzi (彭子), was an emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (265 420). While he reigned 17 years, most of the years were as a child, with …   Wikipedia

  • Emperor Jianwen of Jin — (晋简文帝/晉簡文帝, pinyin Jìn Jiǎnwéndì, Wade Giles Chin Chien wen ti) (320 September 12, 372), personal name Sima Yu (司馬昱), courtesy name Daowan (道萬), was an emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (265 420) in China. He was the younger brother of Emperor… …   Wikipedia

  • Emperor Xiaowu of Jin — (晋孝武帝/晉孝武帝, pinyin Jìn Xiàowǔdì, Wade Giles Chin Hsiao wu ti) (362 396), personal name Sima Yao (司馬曜), courtesy name Changming (昌明), was an emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (265 420) in China. During his reign of being an emperor, Jin saw… …   Wikipedia

  • Yin Hao — (殷浩) (d. 356), courtesy name Shenyuan (深源), was a Jin Dynasty (265 420) politician.Yin Hao was from an aristocratic family, and when he was young, he became known for intelligence and metaphysical discussions. He temporarily served on Yu Liang s… …   Wikipedia

  • Huan Wen — (桓溫) (312 373), courtesy name Yuanzi (元子), formally Duke Xuanwu of Nan Commandery (南郡宣武公), was a general of the Jin Dynasty (265 420). He is commonly viewed as one of the greatest generals since Jin s loss of northern China, as he led the… …   Wikipedia

  • Xie An — (謝安) (320 385), courtesy name Anshi (安石), formally Duke Wenjing of Luling (廬陵文靖公), was a Jin Dynasty (265 420) statesman who, despite his lack of military ability, led Jin through a major crisis attacks by Former Qin. His line became one of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Liste chinesischer buddhistischer Texte — Dies ist eine alphabetische Liste chinesischer buddhistischer Texte. Die Transkription erfolgte in Pinyin Schreibung, die Schreibung der chinesischen Originaltitel in traditionellen, nicht vereinfachten chinesischen Schriftzeichen. Die meisten… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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